Last month Jon Sykes handed in notice via email, resigning his post as Chair of Heart of the Wildwood. We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the valuable contribution Jon has made to Heart of the Wildwood over the last three years.

We held a board meetingĀ on Monday, 17th August 2015 at 8.30pm to vote in the new board of trustees.

Present: Melanie Kinghan (Manager), Cat Wood (Secretary) and Wil Kinghan (Treasurer). Jon Sykes sent his apologies.

Melanie Kinghan nominated Wil Kinghan to continue his role as Treasurer.
Cat Wood seconded.
We voted Wil Kinghan to continue as Heart of the Wildwood Treasurer.

Wil Kinghan nominated Cat Wood to continue her role as Secretary.
Melanie Kinghan seconded.
We voted Cat Wood to continue as Heart of the Wildwood Secretary.

Cat Wood nominated Melanie Kinghan to take over as Chair.
Wil Kinghan seconded.
We voted Melanie Kinghan to take over as Heart of the Wildwood Chair.

Melanie will step down from many of her session leader duties from September.

We also say good bye, good luck and thank you to Kathie Gray who leaves us this week to move to Northern Ireland. Kathie has been with Heart of the Wildwood since it began. We will miss her, and of course little Georgia.

Heart of the Wildwood’s AGM will be held on 19th September. More details to follow.

Minutes of the board meeting, held on August 17th, 2015