We offer our Wheatley or Tetsworth site for hire for one to three hours.

For parties up to 20 participants we’ll charge £30 per hour and we’ll bring 1 member of staff which will be at the fire at all times.

Parties up to 30 participants will be charged £40 per hour since we’ll need to provide an additional professional.

If you feel you need to book in another member of staff – no problem. It’s £15 per hour per member of staff.

Hire fee for both sites is £10 for up to 2 hours.

We may be able to accommodate larger parties, tell us what you need and we’ll give you a quote.

You can “pick and mix” the following elements:

  • Fire in a fire bowl including “stick-bread” (cook your own bread in the fire on a stick)
  • Wet felting (additional charge of £10 for materials – up to 20/£15 up to 30 children)
  • Weaving/plaiting (to make bracelets or decorate sticks)
  • Nature art with clay (additional charge of £7 for clay, materials to be found on site)
  • Soup made in a dutch oven (vegan) over the fire, chocolate fingers/jam/herbal yogurt to go with the stick-bread (£5)
  • Holistic land art from materials the children find in the woods
  • Den-building if the right sticks and materials are already available in the woods

We don’t supply food or cakes, just the location, a bit of guidance, and materials for your selected activities.

Heart of the Wildwood supports working parents, so it might be the case that our forest school leaders bring their children to the session.